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Welcome to About Linton 

About Linton includes a brief History of Linton,

including details of the Heritage Trail and Walks in Linton.


 Information about the services and businesses in & around the village of Linton. 

If you would like to add your details to the directory please contact us at :



About Linton 

Linton is a village with ancient and medieval origins, and a modern outlook. 

St Mary's Church dates from 1308 and earlier, and we have no fewer than 84 listed buildings, 

including our Guildhall and the iconic water tower on Rivey Hill. 

Over recent years, our medieval and Tudor core has grown into a large village of 5000 inhabitants, 

and our services, schools, businesses and shops have made Linton a centre of interest. 

This website aims share contact information on services and businesses,

in addition to highlighting all that Linton has to offer,

using an online format that we can keep up to date 

Please use it and feel free to contribute to it. 

Let's support local businesses and organisations.

Let's explore Linton and discover all it has to offer us. 



Map of Linton 

Photographs of Linton


Photographs by Maureen Williams

Stmarys (1).jpeg
Tower & Poppys[232].jpg


About Linton

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